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Benefits of Window Cleaning

With our professional window cleaning services, you can enjoy your view of Pikes Peak without the water spots, fingerprints, and dead bugs smeared on your sliding glass door. In addition to a sparkling clean, here are a few other benefits of working with Cultivate House Detailing:

Prevent hard water damage to your windows.

Feel proud of your home’s interior AND exterior.

Keep bugs out this summer with screen repair.

We Clean Interior and Exterior Windows!

Residential Window Cleaning

Our professional window cleaners can reach exterior windows up to 4 stories high, including bay windows, picture windows, and dormers! We use a special squeegee technique and streak-free cleaning solution to ensure the clearest finish. We’ll also clean inside to make sure your home’s interior windows sparkle, taking care to remove all dirt and grime from window corners and tracks.

Need a Window Screen Repair Too?

Window Screen Replacement

Screen cleaning is a crucial part of keeping your windows shiny, but they aren’t always in perfect condition. Is your mesh torn, or does your screen keep popping out? That’s no problem for our team! We specialize in screen repair and replacement to make your window cleaning experience even easier. Make sure to discuss this when scheduling your appointment, and we’ll be happy to repair it for you.

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How Do I get my windows cleaned?


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Call or text (719) 628-5848 or submit a form on our contact us page.


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We will note all of the important details for your window cleaning service, including all of your personalized requests.


Witness your glass disappear!

We will mop, scrub, squeegee, and detail your windows to ensure a crystal clear view. You might wonder where your windows went.

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Get your questions answered

We recommend cleaning your windows at least 2 times per year. This helps to prevent costlier issues, such as hard-water stains, from affecting your windows.

We apply a solution that helps remove all of the dirt and grime, and use a skilled squegee technique that helps to remove all of the residue to leave your windows clean and streak-free!

We can clean up to 4 stories from the ground. We have yet to have a residential window that we couldn’t access to clean.

We provide a customized quote specific to your needs in advance of your service appointment. This pricing can vary based on the number, size, and location of the windows that need to be cleaned. We’d love to schedule a quote with you today!

We can replace screen mesh and repair many other issues with screens. Be sure to discuss these concerns with your estimator and they can advise you on what will be required to repair/replace your screen.

Yes! You can choose on your quote weather to include screen cleaning and/or track cleaning in your project.

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